Due to the challenges posed by the global pandemic, we've the Ottawa Fire Truck Pull this year.

This fall, teams of fire fighters will demonstrate that they have the fortitude to pull an Ottawa Fire Services fire truck 100 feet. Teams will compete to see who can pull the truck the fastest, raise the most money for a good cause, or demonstrate the most team spirit.

Any group of firefighters can put together a team. Grab up to 9 friends, register, and raise at least $1,000 – that’s just $100 each!



Fastest Pull


Most Charitable Team

(Most Money Raised)


Best Team Spirit


Overall Best: combination of best pull time, most funds raised, and best team spirit

If you’re not a firefighter and want to get in on the fun, we’re launching “fan teams” this year.

Fan teams will help their favourite firefighters and compete for prizes themselves. 

The Best Team Spirit competition will include an online component this year. Fan team participation can mean prizes for you and a chance for your sponsored team to win Best Team Spirit. 

The more money fan teams raise for their selected firefighter team, the greater the chances firefighters can win Most Charitable Team. Members of the fan team that raise the most money have a chance to win a prize!

This event is presented by Epilepsy Ottawa in collaboration with Ottawa Fire Services.